10 Airbnb Tips and Tricks for Hosts Who Want to Have Happy Guests

10 Airbnb Tips and Tricks for Hosts Who Want to Have Happy Guests

#1 Protect your mattress with a mattress cover encasement

This is probably the most important host tip.. think about the fact that a hundred people may sleep in the same bed in your Airbnb over the course of a year. You need to invest in a good mattress cover—one that completely encases the mattress—to keep the mattress clean for each guest.


#2 Make check-in easy with a keypad doorknob

Want to make check-in hassle-free? You NEED to get a keypad doorknob! This makes it effortless because you don’t even have to be there when your guest checks in—you just send them the code, and they can unlock the door to their Airbnb!

These are growing in popularity. Most Airbnbs I rent now have them. So instead of having your guest fumble with lockboxes (SUCH a hassle) or having to coordinate meeting up with them at just the right time (also a hassle), just install a keypad doorknob. You can even change the code with each new guest for added security.

#3 Create a guidebook/manual and leave it in your Airbnb

While yes, you can create an online guidebook on Airbnb’s website, it’s great to have a printed guidebook/house manual inside your Airbnb for each guest to peruse. At the Airbnb I’m staying at right now, my host left a folder filled with information on the

  • Nearest restaurants, grocery stores, and attractions

  • Manual on how to use the A/C and heating unit

  • Details on where to find the extra sheets, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and cooking supplies

  • Contact information for the host


#4 Manage expectations by being upfront in your Airbnb description

Anyone in customer service knows that the key to a happy customer is managing expectations. It’s okay if your Airbnb isn’t perfect—just be upfront about its little quirks! If you don’t want someone using the kitchen to cook while they’re in your apartment, tell them. If the upstairs toilet tends to clog easily, let them know. If your Wi-Fi can get spotty because you live in the woods, disclose that.

Example: Your apartment is old and the wood floor creaks.

Airbnb description: “Please note my apartment was built in the 19th century so it has some creaky floorboards. It’s all part of its old-world charm!”

Example: You have cats and dogs—allergens.

Airbnb description: “I have a loving cat and a friendly dog, and they’d love to meet you! However, if you are allergic to cats or dogs, my Airbnb is not the right fit for you.”

Example: Your house is downtown near bars and restaurants and it gets really noisy on weekend nights.

Airbnb description: “If you want to sample all the hopping nightlife, you’re in for a treat: My house is downtown within walking distance to bars and restaurants. Please note, however, that this means it can be noisy on Friday and Saturday nights. If you’re noise sensitive, bring earplugs.”

#5 Respond to every message, even if it’s a “no”

If you fail to respond to messages, your response rate goes down and that hurts your chances of becoming a Superhost. Even if it’s a “no,” simply message them something like, “Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately, I’m unable to host you at this time.”


#6 Add little touches like handwritten notes and local treats

Local candies, a blank postcard, and a handwritten note... can go a long way and make the guest feel welcomed!

Also, remember that your guests likely are checking in after a long day of travel. Some light refreshments, especially water, are always appreciated.

#7 Give them space when they need it

While you want them to feel welcomed, you don’t want to smother your guests. They’re on vacation, and they need some time to explore and do their own plans. Unless they ask you to accompany them or give them sightseeing advice, give them their space.

Open-Homes-hosts (1).jpg

#8 Personally welcome guests to your Airbnb

This is definitely not necessary, but you if can, try to welcome your guest in person when they arrive. That way, they can feel more at home, and you can give them a quick tour of the Airbnb.


#9 Send a “Special Offer” to entice guests to book

Did you know you can send discounted prices to potential guests? These are known as “Special Offers.”

Here’s how to send your guest a Special Offer to entice them to book ASAP:

  1. Have them send you an Inquiry. This is important: The person MUST send you a message with the dates they’re inquiring about in order for you to even see the feature that says “Send Special Offer.”

  2. Click “Send Special Offer.”

  3. Put the nightly rate you want to offer them.

  4. Send it to them.

#10 Send guests an email a week prior to their arrival.

An email that includes check-in instructions (door code, check-in time..), information about the house. You can also add information about the neighborhood, places to eat, cafes, gyms, and activities.


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