Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry System

Pros and Cons of a Keyless Entry System

One of the biggest concerns of many travelers heading on a trip is how they are going to check into the vacation rental and start enjoying their vacation. It’s important to consider the check in procedure that works best for the vacation rental. A stressful check in can set the tone for the trip and influence how the traveler feels about the property.


Coordinating check in times can be difficult when the traveler is coming from far away. A traveler with a long drive or a connecting flight may run into traffic or delays, leaving the owner or property manager waiting and wondering when the traveler will arrive. Having a keyless entry to the property can take these factors out of the equation.


Without keys, as an owner you don’t have to worry about the traveler misplacing the key or not returning it at the end of their stay.  You won’t have to make new copies or come to the rescue if a traveler locks themselves out with the key inside on the counter.

As a traveler, you can go enjoy the beach or explore the city without having to bring a key with you-it’s one less thing you have to worry about when lugging your beach chairs, towels, surfboards or wallet, passport, bus passes, etc.

Another advantage is that all members of the group can access the property without all being issued a key.  If you’re on vacation with your extended family, the whole family doesn’t have to plan to be back in time for the baby to take a nap, or synchronize your schedules so that everyone is ready to go out to dinner at the same time.

While a keyless entry can save time and help create a hassle-free check in, there are some other factors to keep in mind.  Having a keyless entry can make the check in process easier for the owner and the traveler, but communication is essential.  Make sure the traveler is aware of the code and the steps to use the keyless entry. If the traveler does not have the correct access code or does not understand how to use the system, this process can be more frustrating than simply having a traditional key. Some travelers may find it more burdensome to remember the code instead of remembering a physical key.


The negative side of not issuing a key to a group of travelers and allowing them to access the property freely is that they can easily share the code with others outside of their group. This makes is difficult to monitor who is coming and going.

Like all technology, there is always the possibility of a system error or hardware malfunction. Battery or electric powered locks prove to be useless when the power source is cut off. Keyless entry systems can also be more expensive than traditional locks and may require more maintenance.

Weigh your options to find the most efficient way to manage reservations and create the ideal experience for the guest. Some of the best keyless entry vendors in the business are: Lockatron, Kaba, Point Central, and Resort Lock.

source: flipkey

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