Vacation Rental Secret Leaders ?

Vacation Rental Secret Leaders ?

I have been living the Vacation Rental Lifestyle for about 5 years now and leaders of our industry are starting to emerge. So i though it will be cool to point out some of the people and program i favor to keep my tools sharp.

Who knows best about the Vacation Rental Industry ?

Airbnb and all the other companies with Big Data. (Tripadvisor,homeaway)

So i highly suggest subscribing to there news letters and actually reading them. If you are not building listing site independence then you really have to listen to what they are saying. All site will pretty much tell you the game they want you to play. 

People to follow: I highly suggest do so it might be easier than reading the threads from the Big 3 Listing Sites.

Cottage Blogger

Matt Landau


Cool companies to check out: There business models are similar to us VRM's but they pretty cool companies and unique in there own way.



The companies above take the bull out of renting your home, lets face it most people that do not do this for a living are working full time jobs. They cant be on top of everything like it should be which hurts the travelers quality of stay and revenue possibilities. Most manager rent 24/7...the average hosts does not. If you in South Florida or Miami call us if you in California then call them.


1. Subscribe to all big site newsletters and read them.

2. Read the Blogs of industry leaders such as Matt or the Cottage Blogger.

3. If can meet your guests, do so and put a person with the property.

4. Use other VRM's such as the ones above to gain an edge over similar listings.

5. Always be learning ..sounds corny but its true. (Read a Book cottage blogger has a free one)


Why is everyone Leaving their Jobs  ?

Why is everyone Leaving their Jobs ?